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Why do companies like to choose a gas-sealing bag blown film machine?

There are many blown film machines on the market, but most companies prefer to choose self-sealing bag blown film machines. So why should companies choose self-sealing bag blown film machines?

    Compared with the ordinary blown film machine, the self-sealing bag blown film machine has more stable performance and higher automation degree. The self-sealing bag blown film machine is made of high-pressure poly-eneene (LDPE) and is a special equipment for producing self-sealing bags. Products are widely used in food, clothing, pharmaceuticals, hardware accessories, decorations, daily necessities and other packaging, the main zipper bags are: ordinary packaging Ziplock bags, color Ziplock bags, double saddle bags, refrigerated Ziplock bags and other sealed bags, the unit The self-sealing bag produced has the advantages of convenient opening and closing, high fastness and strong sealing. It can be self-sealing bag mouth, the main machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, photoelectric control, automatic air supply, high technology content and strong applicability. For the production of high-demand plastic film, it is more desirable if a fully automatic film blowing machine can be adopted. The temperature energy saving adopts the frequency conversion mode, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The blown film extruder, the barrel and the screw are all made of high-quality alloy steel, compacted and precision processed, with excellent hardness and corrosion resistance. The specially designed screw has high output and good plasticization. The blower machine electrical control part, the general unit is equipped with an organic group operation cabinet. The total button is connected to the main power supply to open the motor main switch. The splitter switch can be used to control the fuselage and the three-way, and the die is electrically heated. Some two sets of coils use thermocouples for automatic temperature measurement and automatic temperature control. During normal production, the temperature can be automatically controlled to ensure stable and reliable production process.

    Therefore, the performance of the self-sealing bag blown film machine is very prominent, so companies prefer to choose it.

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