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Self-sealing bag blowing machine industry automation demand climbs

In recent years, although the annual growth rate of China's packaging industry ranks first in the traditional industry, to integrate with the international market, it is necessary to speed up the development of packaging technology and make it develop in an economic, efficient and multi-functional direction. As an important member of the packaging machinery industry, bag making machines are developing rapidly in China. In recent years, in addition to the video industry's rising demand, the demand for automation in the industry is also rising.

    According to statistics, global packaging machinery demand is expected to grow at a rate of 5.3% per year. The largest manufacturers of packaging equipment are: the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy and China. The demand for foreign packaging machinery market is different. According to the needs of China's national economic development plan and the realization of a well-off living standard, it will provide 100 billion to 200 billion yuan of equipment for the packaging industry and food industry in the next few years, and provide 80 billion to 100 billion yuan for the "food blue". Equipment, this is a good development opportunity for some enterprises.

    At present, the various technical parameters of the advanced equipment of the self-sealing bag blowing machine at home and abroad have been almost the same, and the main difference in the domestic equipment is the speed of the whole machine. However, there is not much room for improving the working speed of the equipment to improve the working efficiency of the equipment. The most advanced equipment stays at the speed of 12000P, which becomes the bottleneck of the performance of the equipment.

    At present, by researching and developing a high-speed middle seal that not only relies on the speed of the equipment, but also by modifying the single-row bag making mode of the equipment to further provide the working efficiency of the equipment, so that the equipment can maintain a higher speed, more efficient and more comprehensive automation. The automatic bag making machine has been industrialized, produced and promoted, and has become an urgent problem for many flexible packaging and bag making equipment enterprises in China.

    The performance of the domestic bag making machine has been relatively stable, and the degree of automation has been continuously improved. If equipped with a photoelectric detection system, the accurate positioning of the cursor is achieved, which ensures the accuracy of the packaging sealing and cutting process. In order to prevent oxidative deterioration of the water-rich biscuits, a function of aeration is added to the hose aluminum foil sealing and capping machine, and the growth of microorganisms is prevented by injecting nitrogen or a mixed gas of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, and these modified atmosphere packaging technologies are remarkably improved. The shelf life of biscuit snacks. The domestic bag making, filling and sealing packaging machine has also been popularized and applied in cake-like foods such as cakes, rice cakes, peach cakes, moon cakes, and granule and sheet-shaped hose aluminum foil sealing and capping machines.

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