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Film Blowing Machine
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Hot sealing-cutting bag making machine

Model: 600 type

Production product categories: garment bags, jewelry bags, convenience bags, tea bags, food bags, flower bags, garbage bags, woven bags, ziplock bags, plastic film, daily chemical product bags, other

Production capacity: 350 (Kg / hour)
Bag making speed: 280 (pcs / min)
Motor power: 3 (kw)
Product thickness: 0.02 (mm)
Bag length: 400 (mm)
Bag width: 600 (mm)

Uses: This machine is suitable for flexible packaging composite bags, PE film packaging bags automatic bottom sealing and cutting bags.
Hot cutting bag making machine
Performance and features:
The machine adopts microcomputer automatic control frequency conversion speed regulation, photoelectric tracking, work counting, automatic temperature control, high parking and so on. (According to the user's request, the matching punching and tearing mouth, single film bag sealing and cutting device can be added.)

Technical Parameters:

Equipment modelFD600
Bag width range20——600mm
Bag length range30——400mm
Bag making speed30——280pcs/min
Bag making accuracy±0.5mm
Unwinding maximum diameterΦ500mm
Discharge shaft formDouble station cone top fixed
Suitable power supply220v/380v/50Hz
Monitor rate4.5kw
Machine weight1500kg

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