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What is the reason why the pe zipper bag machine is not tightly sealed?

Different types of bag making machines have different requirements, mainly to see the characteristics and use of the bag making machine model, as well as the material of the bag.

        Pe zipper bag machine is not sealed for any reason? This is to see the side seal of the bag making machine, or the bottom seal. If the edge seal is not strong, you need to look at the bag on both sides and the seal on the other side is not strong. If the two sides are not strong, it may be that the cutter is too profitable. If the one is not strong, the angle of the knife may not be adjusted.

         Also need to check whether the temperature of the equipment has reached the sealing temperature of the bag-making material. If the bottom of the bag is sealed, the general sealing is not strong. The pressure is mainly reflected in the sealing knife. Check whether the heating plate of the sealing knife is damaged or not. Also check if the cutter temperature is not up to standard.
There is also the product printing position. If the sealing position is very low and close to the edge, then the sealing at this position is not strong, the material is too slow, and it is not easy to seal.

        In summary, the zipper machine is not tightly sealed and can be checked in these aspects.pe zipper bag machine

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