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Film Blowing machine equipment maintenance and daily inspection

All mechanical equipment is long-term work through routine maintenance and equipment maintenance. The Film Blowing machine is no exception, so you need to learn to maintain common sense and pay attention to the maintenance of the machine.
                                   1. It is necessary to check whether the temperature self-control is intact, whether the heating appliance is in good condition, and pay attention to adjust the heating temperature of each point in time within the index range, otherwise there may be problems.
2, need to check the traction speed, but also control the film thickness.
3. Observe and adjust the thickness of the film evenly, and the folding diameter conforms to the standard.
4. Check the air storage cylinder pressure, not too high, but there should be spare pressure.
5. Check and control the ratio of raw materials and mix well.
6. Check the raw materials for impurities. In particular, check the irons in time with a magnet.
7. Check the lubricating oil lubrication of the gearbox and air compressor cylinder.
8. Regularly check the temperature rise and mechanical transmission of each running motor.

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