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Some knowledge necessary to purchase a Film Blowing machine

The first thing to know is what the product is. You need to know the maximum and minimum dimensions of the film, and of course the thickness. Secondly, you need to know the purpose of the product, whether it is used to pack or make a bag, or to make a sheet, because the model chosen for making the bag and the sheet is different. Finally, I understand that the requirements for the product are not high, whether there is printing or laminating, etc. The flatness requirement of the product is very high, and the model is different.

The model of Film Blowing machine can be divided into 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm-3000m according to the width. The price can be customized according to the model and machine configuration. Generally speaking, the larger the machine model, the higher the price. The film blowing machine can also be divided into 50 type, 55 type, 60 type, 65 type according to the screw type. The price of the film blowing machine is also differentiated according to the width, thickness and screw type of the blown film. Then the price of the machine is higher.

When you buy a blown film machine, you only need to tell the salesperson about the above points, you can get a quote quickly. It is recommended to buy a blown film machine and not only look at the price, but more importantly, the configuration of the machine.

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