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Film Blowing machine blows out five factors that are not smooth on the surface of the film

The film blown by the Film Blowing machine is not smooth, like a frosted glass. It has fine corrugations and unevenness. How can this be solved?

The following describes the treatment methods for several film surface non-smooth problems.

1. Due to the unreasonable design of the die, the shaped section is too long, and the surface may be uneven.
2. The die gap is too small, so it is easy to cause melt fracture during extrusion, so the die should be selected according to the material.
3. When the temperature of the die is too low, pay attention to increase the temperature, otherwise it will appear as
4. The extruder is insufficiently mixed. At this time, it is necessary to check the temperature and the filter.
5. There is carbonized resin in the die. If the discharge is disordered, the die should be cleaned in time.

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