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Zipper extruder features

The zipper extruder is a zipper for various shapes. The machine consists of a main extruder, a mold setting, a cooling water thermostat, a dewatering device, an air drying device, and a zipper joint. The mold has flexible structure, convenient loading and unloading, etc. advantage.

1. The mold used in this machine adopts advanced 90 degree extrusion.

2. The barrel used in the machine is made of high-quality alloy steel and chrome-plated. It has strong wear resistance, high temperature resistance and deformation resistance. It is equipped with stainless steel cold water tank, which can be adjusted freely. position.

3. The main and auxiliary machines adopt frequency conversion speed regulation to make the quality of the produced zipper chain more stable.

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Address: B202, No.35,Second Floor,Building 10, No. 9, LvJing Xi Road  
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